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Your claim has been received and is being submitted to the manufacture Pool Heating Distributors “PhD” for review. This process typically takes up to 3 business days to complete. After the review process has been completed PhD’s warranty processing department will email you a “claim status notice” informing you whether your claim has been approved or denied.


Upon receiving an approved warranty claim status notice you will then be instructed to return the four corners, in the correct format, of each leaking panel back to PhD.


Be sure to download and read our “PANEL RETURN INSTRUCTIONS” document before you begin uninstalling the defective panel(s). This page outlines the instructions on how to remove the defective panel(s) correctly, how to temporarily bypass the missing panel(s), the correct format on how to cut the four corners off of each of the defective panel(s) and how to ship the defective corners back to the manufacture PhD.


Vortex warranty replacement panels typically ship from the manufacture within 7-14 business days starting from the date your corners were returned back to PhD.  During the spring and fall solar pool heating seasons shipping processing times can take up to 21 business days.


When you receive your Vortex warranty replacement pane(s) please make sure you download and read  our “PANEL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS” document. This page outlines the instructions on how to remove the new replacement panel(s) from the shipping box and how to install them to your existing system.


If you have further comments or questions regarding your claim please contact us.

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