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Installing a solar pool heater system on a flat roof or surface can be a very good option.  A flat roof solar pool panel install is both efficient and has the added benefit of hiding the system from plain sight.

Solar Pool Heating; Solar Pool Heater; Flat Roof Install

If you have an ideal flat roof location to receive the solar pool panels you will need to consider freeze protection and sealing roof penetration methods more carefully.  



Freeze Protection:

In the event of freezing conditions, the water from the pump must be circulated through the solar pool panels to prevent panel damage. As an additional option a dedicated drain line plumbed directly into one of the corners of the panel array will allow you to drain the panels when freezing conditions are to be expected.  



Roof Penetrations:

When installing the solar pool panel strapping and solar panel mounting hardware it is important to carefully seal, using roof sealant, the roof penetrations to prevent any possible water leaks into the attic.  Due to the nature of flat roofs water tends to collect around the solar mounting and strapping clips. For added security we also suggest coating the panel mounting & strapping clips with Dymonic FC Sealant; which can be found at any local Home Depot. 



Using High Wind SuperClips to mount the solar strapping and the panel headers is your best option due to the larger surface area covered by the clip.

For more details on installing on flat roof / flat surfaces please consult the Vortex Install Manual and or contact us.



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