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Unglazed Solar Pool Heater
unglazed solar pool panel, Vortex, Fafco, Aquatherm

Solar pool panels can and have been made out of a variety of different materials. There are many solar pool heater designs as well. Some designs have proven to be effective while others have failed to do what they were designed to do.   


In general there are two types of solar pool panels, glazed and unglazed.


It all depends on the type of climate you live in and how you intend to use the solar pool panels that determines the type you'll need.


Typically if you only swim in your pool when the temperature outside is above freezing the unglazed solar pool heater system is your best option.


Unglazed solar pool panels are fairly inexpensive, simple in design, and are far less costly then glazed solar pool panels; which include a heavy glass covering. Unglazed panels are typically made with heavy-duty rubber or plastic that is mixed with an ultraviolet UV light inhibitor that helps to extend the life of the solar pool panel.


The unglazed solar pool panel works very well for in-ground pools, above ground pools and indoor pools, even in colder climates as long as the system is designed to drain back to the pool when the heater is not in use.


Even if you have to shut the unglazed solar heater down during cold weather, compared to the more expensive glazed solar pool heating system, unglazed solar pool panels haven proven time and time again to be the more cost effective solar pool heating system over the long run.   

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