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In this section you will be guided step by step through the design phase of your solar pool heater kit. This process will provide you with the information and design tools as you need them and will help you design a solar pool heater system that meets your pools heating requirements.


By the time you have completed the design phase you will have:


* Measured the length and width of your pool

* Evaluated the % of shade your pool receives between the 9am - 5 pm solar window 

* Learned about optimal panel array orientation  

* Determined the optimal location to install the solar pool panels

* Evaluated any panel array shading concerns

* Calculated the number of solar pool panels you will need to effectively heat your pool

* Designed the layout of your solar pool panel array(s)

* Learned how to circumvent roof obstacles & complex roof designs by incorporating split kits,   double row kits & different panel sizes into your system design

* Measured and caculated your available roof/ground surface area 

* Learned why using a solar controller is optimal

* Learned how a solar pool cover can maximize a solar pool heaters performance   


Once you have completed your system design you shoulde be ready to purchase your solar pool heater kit with confidence and be one step closer to heating your pool with the FREE solar radiant energy from the sun!  

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