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So what makes the Vortex Solar Pool Heater Panel better then the rest? 


Made in the USA
The Vortex solar pool heater panel has been manufactured in Florida for over 25 years.



One of a kind design

There have been many attempts to imitate the Vortex solar pool heater brand, but the quality has never been successfully duplicated.


The Vortex solar pool panel has been uniquely engineered to effectively capture, retain and transfer the sun's natural solar radiant energy, gently warming your pools water to maximize your swimming pleasure. Vortex patented solar pool panel design reliably heats your pool to a comfortable swimming temperature without increasing your utility bills.


Many individual flow tube style solar pool panels on the market today have a tendency to cool down rapidly during windy conditions due to their individual flow tube design which minimizes the insulation potential of the solar pool panel. 

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Individual flow tube panels lose heat

Whereas the Vortex solar pool panel flow tubes are seamlessly connected together with additional materials to maximize the insulation potential of the flow tubes and increase the heat retention capacity.

solar pool panel cut view - vortex

Vortex panels retain heat

This patented design also allows the Vortex solar pool heater panel to withstand freezing conditions better than solar pool collectors with round flow tubes that cannot expand or change shape.



Superior Quality
The Vortex panel is a commercial grade panel with 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other solar pool panel in its class, resulting in increased durability and longevity. A Vortex solar pool heater system can lasts up to 15 to 20 years.  
The solar pool panel header and absorber are made from co-polymer (polypropylene and polyethylene) virgin black plastic containing a proprietary ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer with an “In-House” continuous extrusion process using vacuum forming.
The solar pool panel absorber is comprised of four extruded strips heat sealed longitudinally to form a fully wetted surface (containing 104 elliptical channels) which is welded to the top and bottom headers.
An 1/8” bead is welded to the junction of the solar pool panel absorber and header for additional strength.
Independent laboratory testing terminated at 1000 psi with no rupture.
Vortex solar pool panels are so well built that they can even withstand the strength of a 150 mph hurricane!
The solar pool panel header incorporates a “Subaqueous Diffuser Manifold” with one hole per channel for improved flow distribution and turbulence.
10 Year Factory Warranty

Vortex solar pool panels are backed by a 10 Year Full Replacement Factory Warranty.  One of the longest and most comprehensive solar pool panel warranties in the industry!


Other solar pool panels claim to have longer warranties when in fact they are quite limited once you get into the fine print.  Most other solar pool panel warranties first opt to repair a defective collector at the option of the dealer or manufacture before deciding to replace it. A repaired solar pool panel will always lose efficiency as leaking flow tubes in the panel are blocked with repair plugs. 


The Vortex warranty always guarantees full replacement of any defective panel within the 10 year warranty period.  A defective Vortex panel will never be repaired.  


Repair warranties maybe a bit longer, typically around 12-15 years, but replacement is always the better option.  




Minimal Maintenance

Once installed, there is no additional maintenance or cost involved. You just sit back and relax in your refreshingly warm swimming pool.

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