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To get the most out of your Solar Pool Heater System a Solar Pool Control Package needs to be included as an integral component of any solar pool system on an inground pool, or large above ground pool. 

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Why Should I Install a Solar Pool Controller:

They maximize performance!


Solar Controls are essential for maximizing the solar performance of any pool solar systems - even if the geographical location is in a consistently high solar effectiveness area. 

By accurately monitoring the available solar radiation and the pool's temperature, a Solar Control Unit directs the solar system to function only when it can add heat to the pool, resulting in capturing the most solar/cost savings benefit out of any solar system. 

Just set it and forget it!


Solar Controls also offer the additional benefit of thermostatic control, so the temperature can simply be set and effortlessly maintained. Just set it and forget it! 

Using a Solar Control assures high-limit protection, restricting the solar system from heating the pool/spa beyond the set temperature, a nice safety precaution! The GL-235 Control is designed not to let pool/spa water exceed 102°F, unlikely for a pool but very possible for a spa. 

The GL-235's thermostatic control can also be operated at night to cool the pool if it is in an area where pools become too warm from the sun on their own during the summer season. 



Logic of necessity for a Solar Pool Control Package:

Pools heated by solar energy need to have an accurate controller for two primary reasons.

Initially, it is vital for proper performance to maximize the utilization of the solar heat available by circulating water through the collectors when solar rays can be absorbed - and not circulating when heat could be lost through reverse process.

The second reason for an accurate controller is to allow the pool owner/operator to automatically adjust and maintain the maximum temperature desired.


Our controller package options are designed for a straightforward installation, dependable operation, and easy serviceability. 

A solar pool heating system can dramatically reduce or eliminate the rising monthly gas or electric power costs by heating your pool with free, abundant energy from the sun.

Several recent studies using sophisticated monitored sites provided data that proved automatic controls were definitely beneficial.

Installing an automatic controller solar pool system will results in an immediate and dramatic reduction or elimination of pool heating costs!

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