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Solar Pool Cover | Rectangle | Diamond Bubble

Solar Pool Cover | Rectangle | Diamond Bubble

12mil Deluxe Pool Cover, Blue-Aluminum SpaceAge with Diamond Shaped Bubbles

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    Principles of Operation: 
    The straightforward rationale supporting the use of solar 
    pool covers is based on raising the pool water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day - and then retaining that heat at night, plus preserving the heat generated by a solar system, heat pump, or gas heater. Additional savings are gained by a variety 
    of other incentives listed below. 


    High-performance prime resin polyethylene effectively captures the sun’s heat as it prisms through the specially designed raised circular air pockets within the laminated sheets of material, resulting in higher transmissivity – and generating maximum heat penetration into the pool water. 


    The Blue Aluminum Space Age Solar Pool Cover provides a technologically advanced design that collects, and then multiplies heat. Initially it performs in a similar fashion as a traditionally designed cover. Then the specialized bonded layer of the Aluminum Heat Shield undercoating works to reflect the sun’s rays downward as they bounce up off the bottom of the pool, trapping the collected heat and returning it back into the water below – creating an upward spiral of stored pool heat. 


    Diamond Bubble effectively boosts the overall performance of the cover. Diamond Bubbles have less space between the cells and more air space within each cell than the round bubbles resulting in dramatic increases in the insulating and heat generating effectiveness by up to 23 percent! 


    Function: Reduces heating costs – increases swimming pleasure!


    Product Applications: 
    • Standard sizes available to fit pools from 12’x24' up to 20’x40' 
    • Cover floats flat on pool surface keeping water free of debris 
    • Can be used on all residential and light-duty commercial pools 
    • Supplementing any brand of pool heater with a solar pool cover greatly enhances its performance, plus reduces energy costs up to 70 percent - thereby saving hundreds of dollars per year in pool heating costs!!!


    Product Features: 
    • Adds up to 10 degrees plus notably extends swimming season 
    • Extra-High profile bubbles effectively trap sun’s natural heat 
    • Reduces overall pool water evaporation as much as 95 percent 
    • Greatly reduces heat loss due to rapid night time evaporation 
    • Dramatically retains heat during cool nights and on cloudy days 
    • Reduces cleaning time and deterioration of water quality 
    • Saves up to 40 percent on chemicals by preventing off-gassing 
    • Eco-friendly concept helps environment by reducing energy use and conserving water

    • Proper cover selection supported by customer service agent 
    • Installation supported by solar engineer tech assistance 
    • Online registration of all Pool Cover Warranties now available! 
    • Lowest factory direct pricing available anywhere. Guaranteed!


    Product Specifications: 
    • Highest cover life expectancy; provides years of service 
    • Backed up with best customer warranty offered today 
    • Custom sizes available - cut exactly to customer specifications 
    • Special polymers injected into plastic for strength and durability 
    • Ultra lightweight base material makes for ease of handling 
    • Polyethylene material highly resistant to UV rays and puncturing 
    • Includes opaque white protective covering that guards against 
       deterioration while rolled up or during short-term storage 


    Solar Pool Cover Installation:

    Pool covers are not made to the exact dimensions shown; covers are hand seamed and pre-cut at the factory and may be slightly oversized - All Standard sized pool covers must be trimmed to fit the exact measurement of your pool.


    All pool cover installations are do-it-yourself friendly; plastic material trims effortlessly and quickly with household scissors. Step-by-step instructions illustrate how to simply stretch cover onto surface of pool and trim around edge using side of pool as a template. Re-trim for precise fit if necessary. An average cover installation requires less than an hour.  


    Installation: Solar Pool Cover Installation Instructions


    Product Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty [2-years full / 8-years pro-rated]


    Product Manufacturer: Midwest Canvas


    Processing and Delivery Information: 

    Please allow 3-12 business days to process and ship your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day.


    Note: All solar pool covers are shipped directly from the factory and are non-returnable | all sales are final.

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