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Hayward GL-235 Solar Pool Control PKG#2

Hayward GL-235 Solar Pool Control PKG#2

Package #2 Includes: 1 Hayward AquaSolar GL-235 Controller, 1 Hayward 3-Way Valve, 1 Hayward GVA-24 Actuator & 2 PC-10k Sensors

Note: Select "PREMIUM Kit Upgrade" to upgrade your existing DELUXE Solar Pool Kit order and receive the controller package discounted pricing; Only DELUXE Kit orders can be upgraded to PREMIUM Kits
  • Product Information:

    Hayward/Goldline AquaSolar GL-235 Solar Pool Control System is designed to offer the ultimate in overall performance, ease of operation, and value - for the unsurpassed experience in swimming and spa comfort!

    Top-of-the-line design, construction, and performance are the hallmark of the Hayward Aqua Solar Series, Hayward's premier line of swimming pool/spa solar heating system controls; a series where all the optimum features available come as standard. 

    Hayward units are backed by the only 5-year factory warranty in the industry.



    Product Applications: 
    • Manages solar pool heating systems to operate at peak efficiency
    • Provides hassle-free daily operation of both residential & light-duty commercial
    • Designed for residential, condo, resort, hotel, motel, health club, vacation home, etc.

    • Enhances solar pool heater system performance   



    Product Function: 

    • Electronically automates the manual daily operation of a solar pool heating system by controlling the water circulation either through the solar collectors, or bypassing the solar collectors 

    • Automatically determines if the pool water should be solar heated or cooled. 



    Product Benefits:
    • Maximizes daily heat collection of any solar pool heating system
    • Reduces system operation to simple dial setting

    • Desired temperature is set using a clearly indicated highly calibrated dial
    • High system life expectancy; years of trouble-free service 



    Product Features: 
    • COMPLETE do-it-yourself friendly kit; average 3-5 hour installation 
    • Easy to read installation manual; step-by-step diagrams 
    • Installations feasible by handy-person with standard hand tools
    • Includes all necessary components needed for complete install 
    • Valve output for 12 or 24 valve without any need for adjustment
    • Color-coded wire terminals make connecting system a breeze!
    • Ample interior wiring space - no need to access electronics
    • Calibrated control knob for precise maximum temperature
    • Solid stainless steel material used on solar sensor block
    • All-aluminum sensor block for pool water temperature
    • All-aluminum sensor block for collector simulation 
    • Extra UV protection ensures longer lasting like-new appearance
    • Lightning strike arc absorbers for sensors
    • GL-235's upgraded model available for pump control and/or valve plus pump
    • Models also available for pool sweep delay protection and isolated relay contacts
    • Proper kit selection supported by customer service agent 
    • Free design and installation technical support



    The Hayward Control Package #2 Includes: 

    • Hayward Aqua Solar GL-235 Controller
    • Hayward 3-Way Motorized Automatic Solar Control Valve
    • Hayward GVA-24 Actuator 
    • Hayward Pool Water and Roof Sensors model PC-10K 

    • Electrical power connection not included 

    • Sensor wire not included | Click here to add sensor wire to your kit.  


    Hayward GL-235 LV/HV Controller:


    The Hayward GL-235 controller utilizes the existing pool's circulation pump for solar heat pick-up. It works in conjunction with the Hayward 3-Way Valve, Actuator & 2 Sensors. When the controller is signaled by the sensors, and calls for solar heat pick-up, the controller electronically signals the Hayward GVA-24 actuator to either open the manual 3-Way valve; directing the flow of water circulation either through the solar collectors.

    Hayward GL-235 Controller Features:  

    • Designed for both residential and medium-duty commercial pools in the medium to large-size pool heating range

    • Electronically Controls operation of a manual 3-Way Valve

    • Re-circulation freeze protection [field selectable] 

     75°F to 104°F precision calibrated temperature control dial with "solar off" position

    • Selectable high limit control 

    • Can be used with 12 or 24 volt actuators

    • 120 / 240VAC input with 12 / 24VAC low-voltage output for controlling a single valve

    • 1HP@120VAC / 2HP@240VAC high voltage output with dry contact SPDT for controlling a booster pump or time clock override

    • Sensor fault detection with LED indicator 

    • Brass material sensor for pool water temperature
    • Aluminum block sensor for collector simulation [mounted beside the solar pool collectors]

    • Selectable nocturnal cooling option; used in conjunction with the pool's filtration pump set to run during early dawn, cooler hours
    • Automatically switches from heating to nocturnal cooling 

    • GL-235 LV/HV upgraded model available for pump control and/or valve plus pump

    Hayward GL-235 LV/HV Controller Technical Specifications: 
    • Power: 105-130VAC, .5A 50/60Hz. or 195-250VAC, .3A 50/60Hz
    • Output: Selectable low voltage 24VAC, 20VA, .85A or 12VAC, 20VA, 1.7A
    • GL-235-LV/HV only: SPST-NO isolated contact, 115VAC 1HP, 240VAC 2HP 
    • Sensors: 2 required [thermostat, 10Kohm @ 25C/77ºF] 
    • Differential: On at 4°F, off at 1.5°F
    • Recirculation freeze: On at <40°F, off at > 42°F


    Hayward GL-235 LV/HV Controller Operational Details: 

    • Automatic Heating 
    If the water within the collectors is warmer than the pool water by 4 degrees or more, and the pool is below the selected desired temperature, the valve will rotate allowing heat collection. The heat collection will stop when the solar sensor output falls to within 1.5 degrees of the pool temperature or the pool temperature exceeds the "desired temperature" set on dial. 

    • Automatic Nocturnal Cooling  [Field selectable option] 
    Swimming pools often become too warm from the sun on their own during the height of the summer season. The GL-235 comes standard with nocturnal cooling logic, which can be enabled / disabled via the main circuit board. During night time hours, when enabled, the GL-235 will circulate warmer water from the pool to collector panels, thus cooling the pool over time. If the water within the collectors is cooler than the pool water by 6 degrees or more, and the pool is above the selected desired 
    temperature, the valve will rotate allowing cooling via the collectors. The heat dissipation will stop when the collectors sensor output rises within 3 degrees of the pool temperature, or the pool temperature is lowered below the set desired temperature. 

    • Setting Desired Temperature 
    The GL-235 logic is set by a single dial adjustment with the desired pool/spa temperatures clearly indicated. The dial is calibrated with the temperatures from 70 degrees to a high of 104 degrees for quick and easy, user-friendly operation. The temperature set indicates set pool/spa temperature, and the GL-235 will automatically determine if the water should be solar heated or cooled, thus maximizing the system capabilities.

    • Terminal Connections 
    For input power, and sensor inputs; controls also have industry standard 3 pin connectors for both forward and reverse valve actuator operation and screw terminal connectors. 

    • LED Digital Indicators 

    Show the status of the system operation; four highly visible LED’s show: 
      1. Power to the control 
      2. Power output directing valves and/or pump to collect heat  
      3. Power output directing valves and/or pump to dissipate heat
      4. Sensor fault indicator shows sensor(s) not operating properly 

    • GL-235 Valve Electrical Output 
    Rating is the industry standard 24VAC. A jumper switches the output to 12VAC for compatibility with older valve actuators. Output is fuse protected.

    • Freeze Protection  [Field selectable operation] 
    Turns the GL-235 recirculation output ON, directing warmer pool/spa water through the collectors when near freezing temperatures are reached at the collector sensor. The GL-235 will allow recirculation when the collector temperature rises to 42 degrees. Two K Ohm sensors are required for operation. 

    One or more freeze snap switches are recommended if freeze recirculation protection is utilized. 

    Note: see installation instructions before using Recirculation Freeze 

    • System Test Switch 
    Allows the user to manually override the automatic function of the GL-235 and verify operation.

    Hayward GL-235 LV/HV Controller Installation Technical/Operational Details: 

    • The GL-235-LV/HV controls a single valve. In most applications this is the solar valve, which diverts water through the solar collector panels or through the normal pool loop depending on conditions. 
    • Units are shipped with the output voltage set to the industry standard 24VAC. 
    • Older systems with 12VAC valves, an internal jumper can be moved to select 12 VAX output operations. 
    • The GL-235 provides two different types of connections to the pool/spa actuators. When used with newer actuators manufacture red by Hayward, Compool, and Jandy that come standard with wire end connectors, two 3-pin connectors are supplied. For older actuators with no wire end connector, a 3 position terminal block is supplied



    Hayward GVA-24 Actuator:

    The Hayward GVA-24 Actuator works in conjunction with the Hayward GL-235 Digital Controller & 3-Way Valve. The controller electronically signals the Hayward GVA-24 actuator to either open or close the manual 3-Way valve; directing the flow of water circulation either through the solar collectors, or bypassing the solar collectors


    Hayward GVA-24 Actuator Specifications and Features: 

    • Incorporates bi-directional design for installation flexibility

    • Straightforward and uncomplicated to operate

    • Easy adjustable cams allow actuator to be mounted in any position

    • Up to 180 degree rotation with 12.8 degree increments

    • Compatible for easy adaptation to 2-Way or 3-Way valves

    • Universal sizing; compatible with all major manufacturer`s valves and pool automation systems

    • Offers the highest torque output in the industry; 22 oz per inch for maximum valve control ability and top solar panel performance

    • Includes a service switch for quick service access; ON1-OFF-ON2 [Some Models]

    • Manual switch is mounted underneath actuator to minimize tampering 

    • Allows manual rotation in the event of a power outage 
    • Comes with 20 feet of heavy-duty cable with industry standard plug prewired for installation; UL and CSA certification

    • Use with the Aqua Logic system to automate pool/spa operation, cleaner operation, water features, or a variety of other uses.

    • UL and CUL Listed.



    Hayward 3-Way Valve: 


    The Hayward 3-Way valve works in conjunction with the Hayward GL-235 Digital Controller, and is mechanically operated by the Hayward GVA-245 Actuator. The manual 3-Way valve controls the flow of pool water circulation.  The valve is mechanically rotated when the actuator is electronically activated by the controller; directing the flow of water circulation either through the solar collectors, or bypassing the solar collectors 

    Hayward 3-Way Valve Specifications and Features: 
    • Designed for easy automation using Hayward 3-Way Actuator
    • Available in standard sizes; 1.5” I.D. / 2.0” O.D. and 2.0” I.D. / 2.5” O.D.

    • 1.5” I.D. / 2.0” O.D. - Plumb 1.5” PVC pipe into the valve outlet or put a 2” Fitting over the valve outlet 

    • 2.0” I.D. / 2.5” O.D. - Plumb 2” PVC pipe into the valve outlet or put a 2.5” Fitting over the valve outlet.
    • Constructed of temperature and chemical resistant CPVC material
    • Constructed using innovative port design for superior performance 

    • Removable handle allows for quick and easy port customization.

    • Can be used with 3-Way Actuator for easy automation
    • Do not leak, break, melt, slip, or lose pressure – even under the most demanding conditions.
    • Do not require lubrication, and may be mounted in any position except upside down

    • Hayward 3-Way Valves are designed to be totally maintenance free. 

    Note: For a positive solar shutdown, or service to collectors during pump operation cycle, an isolation ball or gate valve must be installed on the solar PVC feed line side for positive seal shut off. All valves come with Positive Seal; for non-positive applications, it is necessary to remove the seal.



    Hayward Universal Pool Water or Roof Sensor - Model PC-10k 

    The Hayward PC-10k Sensor can be used with any solar control unit that requires 10k sensors. This sensor has universal applications; it can be used to measure solar heat on the roof, and also be used to measure temperature of the pool's water. When used on the roof, it is placed in direct sunlight and mounted to the roof with a screw or adhesive. When used to measure pool water temperature, it is attached to the PVC pipe; this requires drilling a hole in the PVC pipe, and using a standard stainless steel hose clamp [purchase separately] to secure the sensor in place.


    Hayward 3-Way Valve Specifications and Features: 

    • Used to measure temperature of the pool's water 
    • Used to measure solar heat on the roof
    • Used in conjunction with the Goldline Solar Controls Units - Models: GL-235 LV and GL-235 LV/HV 
    • Being used as a replacement for the Goldline Solar Controls Package #2 - Model: GL-PKG 
    • Can be used with any Solar Control unit that requires 10K sensors


    Product Brochure:

    Download » Hayward GL-235 Brochure [Pdf Format]



    Hayward Warranty: 
    • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Controller
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Valve and Actuator


    Download » Hayward Control Warranty [Pdf Format]

    Product Installation:
    View the following manual for installation and operation.


    Download » Installation and Operation Manual [Pdf Format]


    Processing and Delivery Information: 

    Please allow 1-2 business days to process and ship your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day.



    Product Manufacturer:  Hayward Industries, Inc. 


    Note: All product performance tests and claims are that of the manufacturer, not


    The Star Rating system is the direct result of experience with thousands of actual units in the field in the homes of Vortex Solar Pool Heater customers.


    The criteria are:

    • Quality of Materials and Workmanship
    • Reliability and frequency of repairs
    • Factory response to service or warranty issues
    • Strength of the warranty
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Efficiency [verifiable rating certification by industry accepted test facility]
    • Longevity


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