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FAFCO "Clone" Solar Panel Repair Plugs | 25 PKG

FAFCO "Clone" Solar Panel Repair Plugs | 25 PKG

The FAFCO "Clone" Solar Pool Panel Repair Plugs Package comes with 25 plugs used to repair leaking Fafco brand Solar Pool Panels.

Repair Plug Pkg. does not include tools.
  • Product Description:

    The Fafco "Clone" Solar Pool Panel Repair Kit comes with the required tools for repairing a leaking Fafco brand Solar Pool Panel. 


    These tools are identical to the ones supplied in the original Fafco Repair Kit. Just a better price!

  • Product Application:

    • Repair/Plug leaks in Fafco Solar Pool Panels

  • Fafco "Clone" Repair Kit Includes:

    • Detailed Instructions 
    • Cutting Tool x 1

    • Cutting Blades x 2
    • Plug Kit
    • Plug Insertion tool
    • Repair Plugs x 20


    In most cases you will need around 2 to 4 repair plugs for each leaking channel

  • Product Specifications:

  • Add Additional Repair Plugs:

    Purchase additional repair plugs

  • Tired of plugging your leaking FAFCO Panels?

    Use the Vortex "2 inch Header" Solar Pool Panel to replace your defective Fafco Solar Pool Panels. 


    The Vortex Solar Pool Panel is backed by a 10 year FULL REPLACEMENT Factory Warranty


    Learn why the Vortex Brand is the best solar pool panel in the industry!



  • Processing and Delivery Information:

    Please allow 1-2 business days to process and ship your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Orders placed after 2PM EST may not begin processing until the next business day.

  • Return Policy

    Fafco "Clone" Repair Plugs are not returnable | All sales final.  

  • Trademark Info

    Fafco is a registered Trademark owned by Fafco, Inc. 

  and Green Kubera LLC are not affiliated with Fafco.

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