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Vortex Solar Pool Heater

System Design Request Form

Let our highly trained solar pool heater design team do the work for you!


Fill out the information below and our staff will quickly design a custom tailored solar pool heater kit to your pools specifications and heating requirements. We will then email you the system design and 2 custom quotes for a Vortex DELUXE and PREMIUM Do-It-Yourself Solar Pool Heater Kit.


If you are also interested in a solar pool heater installation quote [FLORIDA ONLY] we can provide you with one as well. Just make a note of it on the form below

Contact Information:

Pool Data:

Note: If only a portion of the pool is shaded for part of the solar day, then a Shade percentage should be extrapolated from the table (i.e. 50% of the pool shaded for 50% (4 hours) of the solar day equals 25%). Indoor pools should use 100% shade.


Upload a picture of your roof
Upload a picture of your pool
Upload a picture of your filter & pump

Project Notes:

Your Done! Now click on the button below to submit your request.

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